Markets We Supply
  1. food packaging shrink bags retort packaging custom pouches
    Food & Beverage Packaging
    A large part of our business is creating stand out packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry. Stand up pouches, spout pouches, thermoform films are just some of what we offer to this industry.
  2. bale wrap silage films agricultural wrap stretch wrap films pacrite5 bales farm packaging bulk wholesale
    Building & Agriculture
    An established supplier of timber and truss wraps, plain and printed. We also supply specialised Agricultural films for a variety of uses within the industry.
  3. petfood packaging retort pouches dry biscuit packaging multiwall bags speciality pouches custom packaging
    Pet Food and Pet Care
    An extensive range of products and solutions are available for this industry - from pet food packaging, both dry and wet food as well as premium packaging for pet care supplements. All customised to your exact needs.
  4. meat packaging shrink bags HDPE liner bags wholesale liners custom packaging meatworks meat processing beef lamb poultry seafood packaging
    Meat Processing & Small Goods Industry
    A trusted supplier to this industry, offering shrink bags, HDPE Liners (wicket/header blocked), retail packaging, vacuum bags, retort packaging, thermoforming films and peelable top webs, just to name a few.
  1. Food & Beverage Packaging
    A large part of our business is creating packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of this market. We work with companies through all stages, from start ups to established multi-nationals and have an extensive range of packaging options available.
  2. Meat/Smallgoods Packaging
    An important sub-market we supply within the food sector. We provide proven solutions and exceptional service to this industry. From shrink bags to HDPE Liners and thermoforming films, we offer many solutions specific to this market.
  3. Fishing/Seafood Packaging
    As a known and trusted supplier to some of the largest fisheries operations in New Zealand, we are well versed in the requirements of the industry. From processing packaging such as sheets and liners to retail ready packaging, we supply it all.
  4. Manufacturing & Distribution Packaging
    A wide ranging market to which we supply world class stretch films, pallet caps and liner bags, to name a few. We offer many tailored solutions within the industry to suit the exact needs of the manufacturing process and client.
  5. Building & Agriculture Packaging
    We have long been established as a supplier in this market for timberwraps and B&A films. We also offer a wide range of specialty agricultural films including silage and bale wraps.
  6. Pet Food/Care Packaging
    From large multi wall bags to single serve retort satchets, we are able to offer a variety of proven solutions within this market.
  7. Retail/E-Commerce Packaging
    Printed promotional and retail bags through to branded courier bags are just some of the solutions we supply to this industry.
  8. Dairy Industry Packaging
    Another important sub-category within the food and beverage market, we are able to offer a variety of specialised, high quality packaging solutions for this market. Whether your product is powdered, liquid, cheese or yoghurt, we have proven solutions to meet your needs.
  9. Waste/Refuse Collection Packaging
    A leading and trusted supplier to the waste and refuse industry for many years. Supplying official kerbside collection bags, recyling bags and a variety of liners. We have extensive industry knowledge and experience within this market.
  10. Medical/Healthcare Packaging
    We are able to offer a range of high quality and proven packaging solutions to this market, ranging from specialised films to bio-hazard bags.
  11. Tea & Coffee Packaging
    We supply a large range of coffee roasters and specialty tea producers with packaging solutions. A variety of packaging styles are available to suit this market.